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The well-named Garance voyageuse

For the film enthusiast, Garance is the name of Arletty in Marcel Carné's famous film Les enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise), for others it is a beautiful dye of the past ... First of all Garance is the name of a plant, the madder, belonging to the coffee tree family (the Rubiaceae). Madder, well characterised by its clinging leaves, has been grown for ages to produce a red dye from its roots. The Vaucluse area was the centre for this crop, which disappeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Garance voyageuse is the madder's wild cousin (the wild madder, or Rubia peregrina for flower-lovers). One finds it nearly everywhere in France, except the northern part, and it grows particularly near hedges. In the South, it is not very welcome in the vineyards, where it has taken over the spaces left by the use of herbicides — being resistant to them itself. This tenacious and wandering plant inspired us to name our newly-founded association.
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Its purpose is to speak about plants in simple words.
Season after season, page after page, La Garance voyageuse enthusiastically gathers papers, news, tales and much more, all dedicated to plants. With every issue, the journal offers a wide selection of information about the practical uses of plants, how to recognise them, soil science, species conservation, or poetry, as well as various sections including news, book reviews, etc.
Thus, La Garance voyageuse manages to combine quality and accessibility of information with a definitely environmentalist editorial policy, and an original presentation that emphasises drawings and illustrations.
If you wish to join us on the adventurous path of botanical exploration, read La Garance voyageuse every quarter.
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The association

From Corrèze to Lozère It was in 1988, at the forestry school of Meymac, in Corrèze, that the association La Garance voyageuse was born. A group of friends decided to share their passion for plants and nature through a popularisation journal. The first issues were printed on a small Offset machine and hand-stapled during many long evenings ! To its naturalist skills the team was forced to add a publisher's skills ; indeed, one must be as proficient in computing as in botany for such an adventure !
As time went by, the journal's number of pages and its team members increased. At present, with its 3600 subscriptions and 5000 to 6000 copies for special issues, our journal has found an honourable place among the other journals dedicated to the environment. Now its challenge is to implement a rigorous and wise management, in order to be able to pay for the positions which are necessary to its functioning well. That is no easy task for a journal without any advertisements contributing to income, as in most journals.

Besides the publication of La Garance voyageuse — a journal dedicated to the popularization of botany —, the association with the same name has several other activities. Our association is involved in lobbying campaigns concerning the plant world, and invites you to join these. We are also committed to making the "messicoles" (plants growing in wheat fields) better known to a large public. La Garance voyageuse also offers its services as a consultant or botanical adviser, it provides legal information and offers access to its rich (non-lending) library.

Our actions
La Garance voyageuse organizes lobbying and awareness campaigns, notably in order to influence relevant authorities, and thus promote real protection for wild flora. Here are some of our campaigns, for which your support would be much appreciated.

Ours publications
La Garance Voyageuse invites you to discover botany with its quarterly journal, and also with other documents (in French) : Botany Leaflets, Guide to the Flora of the Cévennes...
The "Messicoles" Programme
Since 1996, La Garance Voyageuse has been committed to increasing awareness of the "messicoles" by a large public, and has also proposed its skills to professionals. The goal of these actions is to inform the general public that is more and more unaware of how such agricultural products as cereals are produced, and to rehabilitate plants (the messicoles) that are part of both a wild and a cultural heritage. The goal is also to get the adventitious plants out of the unfair and limited category of "weeds to be eradicated".
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